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March 2020 - Website Release
March 2020 - Website Release
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Release Date: 19th March

Featured Improvements

  • Uptick now automates more of your invoicing: you can now choose to automatically summarise invoice lineitems by product, or keep your lineitems itemised where the customer needs more detail.

  • We have made dispatching more flexible, allowing you to customise the entire email before it’s sent, removing the need to send documents outside of Uptick.

Changes and Improvements

  • Product list is now under the Billing section in the nav bar.

  • Price tiers are now accessed from the Products list.

  • A warning is now displayed when attempting to create an appointment outside of the Task's expected due date.

  • Technician Labour Rates are now accessed from the User list (under People in nav bar). You can now set both cost and sell rates, which will pull through to profitability in a future release.

  • Image upload date can now be added to your report templates.

  • Added the ability to import Suppliers.

  • Service Quotes now have a Client Address field.

  • Contractors that are linked to accounting partners can now be edited in Uptick if those fields are not synced.

  • More permission simplification across the system. We have continued with further restricting FIELD licenses from accessing the website.


Invoicing - Line item organisation

When creating an Invoice, Uptick now allows you to select how you want your line items to display: summarised, grouped by product, or itemised. This will save a lot of time for companies that don't itemise their invoices and also for those who want their invoices to look exactly like quotes (notes and all) for repairs.

Summary (not itemised): The invoice will create with ONE line item, with the subtotal of the billable work done. The description will be automatically set at 'Service Work', but this can be edited on Invoice creation.


Grouped by Product (current default): Grabs all the billable items on the Work tab of your Task, groups them by Product & price, sums the quantity, and uses the Product's default description. This will still be the default option when raising Invoices in Uptick.

Itemised: Invoice grabs all the billable items that are on the Work tab of your task and all the notes against each. This means defect quote notes aren't lost when the invoice is created.

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