Setting up suppliers for products and subcontractors

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Suppliers are required in order for you to raise Purchase Orders for Products and Contractors. This guide outlines how you can set up your suppliers and make sure they're properly connected to your accounting integration.

Supplier setup

1. Click Users > Suppliers > Create Supplier

2. On the following page, fill out all the applicable fields.



Name of the supplier.


Reference code you use for the supplier if applicable.

Business Number

Supplier business number.


If this box is unchecked, the supplier will be inactive and will not be available to select from any part of Uptick until it's made active again.

Bills due

Allows for due dates to be set on the bill raised for this supplier based on number provided and the associated options. The available options are:

  • Days after:
    Will set a due date for the specified number of days after the bill has been raised.

  • Days after the end of the month:
    Will set a due date for the specified number of days after the end of the month in which the bill was raised.

  • Of the month:
    The number specified determines the due date in the current month the bill was raised (i.e. 15th of the month)

  • Of the following month:
    The number specified determines the due date on the month after the bill was raised (i.e. 15th of the following month)

Accounting Integration

Leave this blank to use the default accounting partner.

Purchasing Contact details

*Contact Name and Email are necessary for PO's to function properly

The contact you want to send your purchase orders in Uptick to.

Contact Name*

Contact Email*

Contact Email CC

Contact Mobile

Contact Address

Accounts Contact details

The contact you want your purchase order bills (supplier invoices) to send to in your accounting organisation. We will push this information in for you when you create & link your supplier with your accounting partner.

Contact Name

Contact Email

Contact Email CC

Contact Mobile

Contact BH (Business Hours)

Contact AH (After Hours)

Contact Fax

Contact Address

3. Once you've filled out all applicable fields, click Save Supplier to finish setting up the supplier. You can edit the setup at any time by viewing the Supplier and clicking Update.

Setting the Supplier billing card

Once a supplier has been created you can connect them to your accounting. This step is necessary in order to raise bills from purchase orders.

  1. When viewing a supplier, click Create New under the (Accounting Partner Name) Integration section.

  2. After a short time the supplier will be pushed to your accounting partner and will bring across the following supplier details:

    • Name

    • Business Number

    • Active

    • Bills Due

    • All the Accounts Contact Details

Suppliers and Contractors

When setting up a contractor, the supplier field is mandatory as once the supplier is connected to your accounting, this is how the contractor gets paid when purchase orders are raised for subcontracted work. For this reason, even if it's an individual contractor there must also be a supplier associated.

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