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Performing repairs and callout tasks - iOS
Performing repairs and callout tasks - iOS

How to properly perform repair and callout tasks in the iOS app.

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Performing repairs

To perform a repair, the task should belong to default category for repairs (these are tasks that are raised from an approved defect quote). Repair type work is listed in the Products tab of the task, and involves resolving the remark, taking photos of the resolution and toggling each item on to indicate it has been performed.

Performing callouts

Callouts are raised manually or from service quotes and do not have the same remark rectification process as a repair task. Callout type work is also listed in the product tab and requires that each item is toggled on to indicate that it has been performed.

To perform a repair task

  1. Open a Repair Category task, then click the Products tab.

  2. Once the rectification work has been done for the asset, tap on the remark against it, then tap the icon under Resolved photos to upload images of the resolution, then tap Save.

  3. Tap the toggle on the repaired asset to mark it as done, then tap Resolve to resolve the asset. Repeat steps 1 to 3 for each repair item.

To perform a callout task

  1. To perform callout tasks, go to the Products tab of the task and toggle each item as you perform each one, which will mark each as performed

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