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October 2022 - Uptick Mobile Field Release (22.10.0)
October 2022 - Uptick Mobile Field Release (22.10.0)
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Welcome to the October release of our Workforce app!

Users will automatically receive this update over a seven day period, starting on Thursday the 20th of October.

Changes and Improvements

This release brings a number of enhancements and incremental improvements to both the iOS and Android versions of the Workforce app, helping make your day more productive.

Purchase Order Additions

A quicker way to purchase products for a repair task

After a remark has been identified and raised onsite, "Use & Charge" repair products that need purchasing can now be pulled straight into a purchase order. This will speed up your workflow, while also tracking asset costs more accurately for future lifecycle reporting.


Submitting a Purchase Order to the supplier

Field staff can now submit an approved Purchase Order to a supplier directly from the app, eliminating double handling between you and the office!

This feature is controlled by a permission: Purchase Orders > Can submit purchase orders.

Field staff also need to be able to approve a Purchase order, before they can submit it.


Faster Data Loading screens

Our new design rollout continues this month, with our Data Loading screens getting a fresh look and performance boost, logging you in faster! That's up to 50% faster for an initial load on iOS!



The mobile app is designed and developed with you in mind. If there is anything that either the iOS or Android versions lack, something that doesn’t work as you expect, or something that would make your day easier, please let us know! The feedback we receive from you is what drives all the changes we make.

Sending feedback is easy - in the app, go to the “About” tab and tap on our support email address or our phone number to get in touch.

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