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Schedules are a way to define an Occupancy Permit, Maintenance Determination and other important property document details on a Property.

We currently support the following options:

  • Occupancy Permit of Certificate of Occupancy

  • Maintenance Determination

  • Maintenance Schedule

  • Annual Fire Safety Statement

  • Fire Safety Certification & Fire Safety Schedule

  • Schedule of Essential Safety Measures

  • Certificate of Final Inspection

  • Statutory Document

  • Fire Engineering Report

When creating a new Property, you will still be given the ability to add an Occupancy Permit as normal. This saves the Occupancy Permit as a Schedule on the Property.


Adding/Editing a Schedule

  1. Go to a property

  2. Click Schedules

  3. Update Schedules

  4. Populate as required, then click Save Schedules

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