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Task categories
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Task categories can be used to help classify your tasks into different groups for easy task management.

  1. Control Panel

  2. Select Tasks from left hand side

  3. Create Task Category

  4. Name the category, describe if required then save. You have the ability to add an icon at this stage.


Default Task Categories

Ensure default task categories are setup via using the Set task category defaults. This allows you to set the correct category is set against the task at different task generation points. The default categories are as follows:

Programme maintenance category

Category for tasks generated from Routines.

Billing category

Category for billing tasks generated from invoicing fixed billing contracts.

Manually created category

Category for any tasks created through manual input including:

  • Tasks created from the Tasks dashboard

  • Tasks created from a property

  • Tasks created as result of a Completed Service Quote

Quote created category

Category for tasks raised from Defect Quote.

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