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When you drag a task into a time slot in the calendar, you're greeted with an option to add more information to the appointment before the appointment is saved. This is where you can assign the appointment to multiple techs, add an Appointment Category (see below for more info), change the date and time and add any extra notes about this appointment. All this information appears to the technician and office views.

Using the Map View

In the New Scheduler tasks are listed in the left hand column in List view by default. By switching to Map View you can get functionality similar to that of the geo-allocator, allowing you to view tasks on the map as pins that can be directly dragged across to the time slot and field staff of your choice.


Daily route map

The New Scheduler displays an automatically generated route map when you drag the task over to the technician. Map points are numbered from the first appointment of the day to the last, showing the most efficient route to be taken when travelling from one task to the next.


Appointment Categories:

Add categories to your appointments to help distinguish between certain appointments. An example of this might be telling you straight away which appointments are 'Flexible' or 'Not Booked'.


See the above Week view to understand how your office and techs see the categories once the appointment is saved.

Setting up more categories: Go to Control Panel > Appointments > Create new item.

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