Once a quote has been approved and a repair task has been raised you'll then need to go to the scheduler (Tasks > Scheduler) in order to schedule the repair.

By filtering tasks and technicians in the scheduler you can very quickly narrow down the tasks and technicians you need to schedule by category and service group.

Filtering tasks in the scheduler

Click on the "Add Filter" field and search for the "Category" filter and select it. You can then click on the Category field and choose the category to filter tasks by - in this case the category is repair.

We can then do the same for service group (fire equipment servicing in this example)


The filters in the left column only apply to tasks, therefore you'll still need to filter the appropriate technicians to use the scheduler efficiently.

Filtering technicians in the scheduler

On the main schedule you'll see a button that will bring up the filtering window to filter technicians. It should look like the icon below:


Click on it, and then apply your filters (in this case Service Group > Fire Equipment Servicing), then select specific technicians or you can click Select All. You can then drag your filtered task from the left hand side to the appropriate technician and click Create Appointment to schedule the repair.


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