Adding general and/or critical notes to a report can help display extra information to your client that isn't necessarily relevant to a certain report item. It could be a note that is relevant to the entirety of the service or something that requires urgent attention by your client.

You are only able to add a General or Critical Note to a report once it has already been created.

  1. Create a report on either the task or from the reports page.

  2. To edit this report from the reports page, click Tools > Reports > View > View Details > Update. Alternatively, from the task click on the report from the Process section then click View Details > Update Edit. You will be directed towards this page:

  3. Add your intended note into the General Note and Critical Note. Click Save Report.

  4. Generate a new PDF.

  5. NOTE: If the newly generated PDF doesn't show a Critical or General Note, it might mean your templates need updating. Email support if this is the case.

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