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Why are my tasks splitting up?
Why are my tasks splitting up?
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There can be multiple reasons why tasks split up at generation, they are covered below.


Service Groups

All routines/service contracts will split depending on their service group.

For example, if a routine or service contract is setup and only an electrician can complete the works, it should be assigned to an "Electrician only" service group. That way, if you have multiple routines/services being created in the same month like extinguishers and hose reels, it won't group with the other skillsets, they will break up into seperate tasks so they can be assigned to the correct technician.

Note to remember: You can always just leave service groups and have a general service group if that is what you prefer, to keep everything together.

For more information on service groups, click here.

Billing Contracts (Routines only)

As mentioned above, all routines are generated and grouped into a task together depending on service groups, however if 2/3 of the routines are linked to a billing contract, and 1/3 isn't, they will split.

If you're wanting to have them generating together, make sure all routines are listed on a billing contract, even if they have a $0 amount. This will allow them to generate together as 3/3 routines are linked to billing contracts.

Read more on setting up your billing contracts here.

Generating the tasks at different times

When selecting the routines to generate tasks, if a selection is excluded or missed at the time of generation the resulting task will split even if there are multiple routines on the property belonging to the same service group.

Sub Contracted Works

If the routine is sub-contracted, it will split from the other tasks, assign to a contractor and have that sub-contractor's name in the task name.

Please contact our support desk if you have any questions on this.

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