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How do I get the photos to display on the task/report?
How do I get the photos to display on the task/report?
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Commonly asked questions regarding asset/remark photos.

What happens if my technician uploads asset remark photos to the wrong place?

If this occurs, you will need to download the photos from the incorrect spot, delete them and upload them to the correct remark/asset.

Note: Ensure you've downloaded the photos before deleting as Uptick cannot recover this information once deleted.

Why are my remark photos missing from the task?

It is likely the photos have been uploaded to the incorrect place or asset. Ensure the photographs are linked to the remarks on the work tab/service tasks.

If the photo are not attached to the remark against the correct asset, obtain the photos (if they are on the incorrect asset or remark refer to steps above) then upload to the remark.

If they are there and still not displaying, please contact our support desk for further assistance.

How do I then get the photos onto my report?

Ensure the correct photos are attached to the correct asset's remarks, and they should appear on your report if you are using a default reporting template.

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