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Whilst all customers at Uptick are provided training during their onboard setup we know that onboarding new employees and adopting new product updates or simply a refresh on Uptick best practices require further training.

There are three types of further training available to you as an Uptick customer:

Training type

Price AUD

Uptick Online Academy


Virtual Product Training

$275 per hour (incl GST)

Uptick Partner

Quote required

Uptick Online Academy

The Uptick Academy is for technicians, operations managers, service coordinators and anyone else that is required to use the Uptick product. It is a fantastic way to onboard new employees to your organisation.

It is a self-serve learning platform that can be undertaken at your own pace and is always accessible for users.
The academy includes over 22 courses and these are arranged into 3 learning paths including:

  • App basics - iOS

  • Desk basics

  • Desk Advanced

Each learning path is certified and users that complete the learning path successfully and pass the associated quizzes will receive a digital certificate.

To enrol in the Uptick academy, click on the button below.

Virtual Product Training

Virtual product training is for when you have specific issues following the Uptick core workflows and require extra assistance finding a way forward. It is also a good way to master your own understanding of Uptick's functionality.

Conducted via video call this training requires you to share your screen to the trainer who will then walk you through the required steps needed to achieve what you are after.

Virtual product training can be booked by the hour and costs $275 per hour (incl. GST)

To book in with an Uptick Training Manager, click on the button below.

Uptick Partner Training

We know that sometimes you need more hands on support in order to embed Uptick in your business and ensure you are operating as efficiently as possible.

There are a number of training partners, all with industry experience that we recognise are operating independent businesses delivering Uptick training and consulting services.

These services are not delivered via Uptick Pty Ltd and are engaged directly with the providers.

Banksia Solutions

Founded by an ex-Uptick employee that has a decade of industry experience and close to 9 years experience with Uptick. Banksia Solutions provides hands-on assistance to get both Uptick and accounting softwares implemented in businesses.

Ignite AUS

Founded by an ex-Operations manager that supported the implementation of Uptick at one of Uptick's biggest customers. Ignite AUS now works with Uptick users to improve their internal workflows and up skill both technicians and office users of the system.

The Elevation Collective

Founded by a former Uptick executive, The Elevation Collective brings over eight years of Industry leadership experience from multiple ESM companies. Their expertise in change management and operational excellence will support you in maximising your value from Uptick and streamlining your business.

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