Server Errors
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This article explains server errors that could be seen on Uptick servers and what to do in each case.

Error No.

Error Type




Access denied. The user doesn't have the correct license and/or permissions to view the page or perform the action.

Fix: Typically, the user should contact their manager at their company to give them this permission as Uptick cannot give users permissions. More on permissions here.


Not Found

The page or record doesn't exist. The user has attempted to refer to something that isn't there. It may have moved (sometimes we change urls, which can break things they've bookmarked), or been deleted.


Internal Server Error

Page has crashed. This is an error on Uptick's end, and will have been logged automatically on our end. User may feel free to contact us to provide further info on what they were doing to cause the crash, however we'll likely be looking into it already regardless. Screen recorded videos are always great for troubleshooting.


Service Unavailable

A common error that can occur when there is a sudden increase in traffic by visitors. In most cases, 503 errors will resolve after a short time, so simply try to revisit the site or page after a few minutes if you get this error code.

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