Security Groups
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Security Groups are used to grant access to different features and actions in Uptick to different people within your organisation. Permissions are labelled according to the roles and functions they are relevant to. Use the Filter feature when assigning permissions to Users or Groups, this will easily and consistently grant all required permissions across specific department personnel.

Assigning permissions to groups

  1. Click on Control panel > (Security) Security groups

  2. Click on the security group to see a summary of the permissions, and click a category to see enabled permissions for this security group. For a full breakdown of what is permitted and denied for the security group, click Update to see a detailed listing.


  3. If you want to make changes, scroll through the permissions and tick to grant a permission or untick to deny. You can also grant all or deny all permissions in a certain category by clicking all or none on the right hand side.

  4. Press Save Group

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