Using the SLA extension
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The SLA extension allows you to set deadlines on a task in relation to the date it was created. Once enabled, you can set the following deadlines:

  • Due date and time for a technician to be on site

  • Due date and time for the task to be performed

Setting up

When creating or updating a task, there will be new fields available under the due section after the SLA extension is enabled. To see them, click on set advanced due times.


You can then click on save task. When viewing the task you'll be able to see the SLA set against it in the task summary (the SLA text will be displayed in red if overdue).


Viewing SLAs in the tasks page

SLAs are not listed in the filters, so in order to see them, go to Tasks > click "Change columns", then tick "(SLA) On site by" and "(SLA) Performed by".


From there you can see the SLAs set against tasks.

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