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Why does the dispatch email say the service report is non-compliant?
Why does the dispatch email say the service report is non-compliant?
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Note: This explains the reasons why you might see this show up in the dispatch emails. Please contact support if you want to change the nature of the compliance display message on your dispatches.


In some cases you may see mention of the service report being non-compliant in the dispatch email like the example below:


The reasons as to why this can happen are:

  • There are failed assets on the task

  • There are assets that were given a No-test status when servicing

By default, the compliance is compared against the report failure criteria that is set up in:

Control Panel > Report Types > Service Report (Edit) > Report Failure Criteria


It's important to understand how the choices in the Report Failure Criteria affect the outcome of the dispatch message:

Any items are non compliant

The default setting. An asset is only compliant if it is serviced and given a pass. Therefore even non tested assets are considered non-compliant.

Any items have a critical remark

The setting will change the failure criteria so that it will only show as non compliant if there are critical remarks.

Note: This is not recommended as this will also consider any remarks below critical as compliant, including non-critical defects.

Not applicable

This will make it so that there is no failure criteria for the compliance of the service report. Also not recommended as this will consider all service reports compliant.

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