What is a Yearly Condition Report?
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A yearly condition report is a statement by fire protection maintenance service providers that shows they have undertaken the routine servicing of the nominated fire protection systems and equipment in accordance with fire safety standards.


The Yearly condition report contains:

  • Reporting period, client and the property details

  • Summary of all assets serviced, compliance, and outstanding remarks against them. The assets are grouped by the same asset type for each line and lists all open remarks which can be clicked to see more details.

  • Records of service, which shows the number of items serviced, the asset types that were serviced and the dates when the services occurred. Each line is separated by service date.

  • A statement declaring the assets have been serviced according to appropriate standards

  • Details of the service provider that authorised the report.

A yearly condition report can be generated at any time from the property and covers the 12 month period from the date it's created.

To learn more about generating these kinds of reports, you can read our article on creating a report from a property.

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