Our licensing system for Uptick works in the way of helping for you to be able to use Uptick in the best designed way for your style of use, mainly relating to either if you are accessing Uptick via a computer, or via an app.

Desk users are typically those who use a computer to use Uptick. They use the web view of the software are doing the office side of things.

Field users are typically those using an app to access Uptick from different locations, depending on where they are working. These users are mainly completing asset servicing, repairs and call outs. They also will need to be in the "Technician" security group.

But what if you are both?

You work in the office, but on the road too... be a desk user (as it gives you access to the web login) but tick "Technician" in your security groups. It gives you the best of both worlds!

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