If you're having trouble getting the invoicing to work properly, this guide outlines the relationship between invoicing, billing cards and the accounting partner integration to help you get it right.


In order for invoicing to work smoothly, check that the following is set up:

Billing Cards and accounting partner integrations

When billing cards are connected to a property/client they need to be then connected to an accounting partner to allow the invoicing to work. Uptick has no invoicing mechanisms and relies on accounting partner integrations to handle the invoicing.

Billing cards and invoicing

The following conditions must be true in order for the invoice to send:

  • There is a billing card set against the client/property

  • That billing card is connected to the accounting partner

The dispatch will check that the billing card exists, then check that the billing card is linked to the accounting partner. When it passes those checks, Uptick will pass the invoice information to the accounting partner which then performs the invoicing. You can use the diagram below to help you troubleshoot. If you have other issues with invoicing, head over to our invoicing troubleshooting article for assistance.

Billing Cards and COD payments

In order to facilitate cash payments you will need to create a dedicated billing card for this purpose. To create a cash billing card:

  1. Click Billing > Billing Cards > Create Billing Card

  2. Give the Billing Card an appropriate name (i.e. "Cash")

  3. Complete the rest of the Billing Card creation process as per the normal flow indicated in our Billing Cards article (linked above)

  4. Link your cash clients to this billing card

Note: If your business practice involves upfront cash payments, the tasks will need to be marked as performed so that the invoice can be generated, then unmark them again so that the task can be completed properly after payment is received.

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