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June 2019 - Workforce Field Release “Canberra”
June 2019 - Workforce Field Release “Canberra”
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  • Timesheets refresh - timesheets have been refreshed and they are now even easier to use.

  • New Document structure has been added to the Property and Task Documents tab to make it easier and faster for technicians to browse documents.

  • Viewing and Editing Building Information has been added to. This compasses fields such as Building Standard, Class, Tenancies, Stories above/below ground, Safety and Service Requirements.

  • All Pricing will be hidden for App users that don’t have the permission ‘Can view Pricing Information’. Purchase Orders also now only display “Material” type purchase orders.


  • The Previous Inspection’s compliance has been made more prominent:

  • The asset tag(s) are now duplicated when duplicating assets.

  • You can now add more fields to the configurable Task list.

  • Camera Improvements - Quick zoom and tap to focus has been added to the multi-photo option.


Timesheets Refresh

The timesheet screens have been refreshed.

The main part of the screen shows session information for a given day like it has done in the past. The new daily summary section at the bottom displays summarised sessions and allowances:


- Displays the total number of sessions and hours, along with the number of sessions that have not been submitted. This should help technicians to ensure that they have submitted their timesheets.


- Technicians can tap this row to see full details of each allowance, or to add a new allowance item.


Document Structure

The new Document tab screens have been added to both the Property and Task. They are faster to load and allow technicians to navigate to a particular folder and upload documents into those folders.

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