July 2020 - Website Release
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Release Date: 16th July

Featured Improvements

  • For customers working on government contracts where GST should not be collected, we've now made it possible to exclude GST per item when invoicing.

  • It's now even easier to get accurate tolerance periods on tasks for customers on Routine Services: We've added an additional field for the maintenance anniversary date.

Changes and Improvements

  • External emails can now also be sent to the Task's Correspondence tab to help you keep your data in the right spots. Just add the Task Ref (T-###) in brackets into the subject line along with your systems BCC email. The email will attach to the property also.

  • Task ID has now been changed to Task Ref in order to add consistency with other areas of the system that use ref as their identifier. Ref just uses the Task ID number in the following format T-#### and still remains uneditable.

  • Our Notifications module for notifying technicians about changes and additions to tasks due today needed a touchup.

  • Final improvements to 'Edit Servicetask' page on Work tab of Task. If you aren't aware already, you can now Copy and bulk Paste all data into other cells using your keyboard.


1. GST Exempt

Adding GST exempt items on an invoice is now possible. GST will be selected as default.


2. Improvements to Routine Services

- We've added a field to set the maintenance anniversary date when creating routines. This allows you to set the start date (when you'll start producing tasks in Uptick) and the maintenance anniversary date (when the annuals were last performed) independently, rather than having to backdate the start date.


- Secondly, when creating new routine services in the Control Panel, you'll now be able to add much more information to those routine services.

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