March 2023 - Mobile Release (23.2.0)
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Welcome to the February release of our Workforce app!

Users will automatically receive this update over a seven day period. Our Android release will start on Wednesday 8th March and iOS release will start on Monday 13th March.

Changes and Improvements

This release brings a number of enhancements and incremental improvements to both the iOS and Android versions of the Workforce app, helping make your day more productive.

The task list and map has been refreshed

Our mobile redesign efforts continue with a refreshed task list and map view which implements our new style as seen on the Dashboard and Toolbox. You'll also now see a lot more consistency between how the Android and iOS apps look and feel, and what features they offer.

Android: The search bar is now front and centre when searching for tasks on the list, rather than having to click a magnifying glass.

iOS and Android: Filter and sort options have been arranged so they are ordered the same on both apps

  • Android: The map view now looks more like iOS - appointment and starred pins look different, plus one pin is now shown for multi-task properties making it easier to show how many tasks are located at that property.

Other nice touches

Both apps:

  • Authorisation ref can now be added before creating an after-hour callout. Due date is now editable so future dates can be set.

  • Field staff can no longer send completed dynamic forms to clients unless they have the 'Can Dispatch' permission.


  • Like the iOS app, repair tasks that have had onsite approval can now be created from a defect quote, saving a phone call to the office. Simply go to Finalisation, build your defect quote and instead of creating a draft quote, create a repair task. This creates a new task with the approved products on it to perform. Staff need the 'Can Create Callout Tasks' permission to see this option.

  • Like the iOS app, you can now access the asset's timeline via the app, allowing you to better understand asset history and add additional notes that might be useful for future visits.


  • For customers who use ESMs, the fields Standard of Installation and Performance can now be displayed on the task's Work tab by adding it to your display preferences.


The mobile app is designed and developed with you in mind. If there is anything that either the iOS or Android versions lack, something that doesn’t work as you expect, or something that would make your day easier, please let us know! The feedback we receive from you is what drives all the changes we make.

Sending feedback is easy - in the app, go to the “About” tab and tap on our support email address or our phone number to get in touch.

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