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This article covers connecting your Xero account to Uptick and configuring settings including sync settings and tracking categories.



Different accounting partners use differing terms and don't always match up with terms in Uptick. This table will help you understand how to match Uptick terms against those in Xero.

Uptick Name

Xero Name


Billing Card


Must have at least 1 accounts receivable invoice in Xero in order for the contact to be created/visible to Uptick



Must be an accounts receivable invoice



Must have at least 1 accounts receivable invoice in Xero in order for the contact to be created/visible to Uptick

Purchase Order Bill


Must be an accounts payable invoice

Tracking category

Tracking category


Connecting Xero to Uptick

To connect your Xero account with Uptick:

  1. Click Control Panel > Accounting.

  2. Click the Xero icon. This will take you to the Xero Log-in page.

  3. Enter login credentials for a user that has access to your entire Xero company.

  4. Finalise the integration by clicking Allow access. This will redirect you back to Uptick.


Sync settings - general details



This comes from your company details set up with your accounting partner.

Accounting partner

Detected automatically after the sign-in process.

Unique ID

Unique ID that identifies the connected company in in Xero - generated by the accounting partner.

Tracking Categories

This is a Xero feature. Uptick grabs the tracking categories from Xero automatically and these settings cannot be changed from the Uptick side. You can go to Xero's support page to learn more about tracking categories.

Local Invoice PDF Generation

Enable this to have Uptick generate your Invoice PDFs instead of the Accounting Partner.

Default income account and default expense account

These are selectable from a drop-down list and are picked up automatically after the sign-in process. Products with account codes set against them will override the default settings and need to have appropriate account codes set up or else invoices and purchase cannot be processed.

Suspense Account

This is an optional field where you can input an account code nominated for revenue reconciliation.

Rounding Account (optional)

If you want to match Uptick's rounding to Xero's add 860 in this field.

Sync settings - partner syncs

Note: It is recommended to set the invoices sync to Update only as this will stop invoices made in the accounting partner from appearing in Uptick.


Sync options available for billing cards, invoices and suppliers

Sync options for purchase orders

off, update only, create and update

off, update only

Below is an outline of the sync options and what they mean:


Data will not be retrieved from the accounting partner and information from Uptick will not sync to the accounting partner (you can still create or update records manually)

Create and Update

Records created from the accounting partner side will sync to Uptick and records created in Uptick will sync to the accounting partner.

Update only

Records created in Uptick will sync to the accounting partner and records created in the accounting partner will not sync to Uptick.

Billing Cards

IMPORTANT: The Uptick Billing Card sync with Xero will only pull through Billing Cards that have an invoice raised against them in Xero. This is a limitation in the way Xero's API works. For new billing cards, we recommend creating in Uptick FIRST, then click Create New on the Xero integration on the billing card to push it to Xero. For already existing contacts we recommend raising a $0 invoice against the contact and re-run the sync.

Make sure that billing cards are connected to your accounting partner or it won't invoice successfully. You can can either view the billing card against a client, or go to Billing > Billing Cards then click on Change columns and check that Partner UID is a visible column. Any empty spaces in that column indicates a billing card that is not connected to an accounting partner. This also applies to People > Suppliers if you want check that your suppliers are connected.


Linking your products to the chart of accounts

Uptick becomes a powerful accounting tool when integrated with your Xero account. Your Products will automatically link to your Chart of Accounts when you define the Account code on the Uptick Product. More on how to setup your products here.

Xero uses the Account code to identify your Products for billing purposes. To learn more about Xero and your Chart of Accounts, click here. If left untouched, the default account codes used will be 200 (Income) and 300 (Expense)

Tracking Categories

Note: Only a maximum of two tracking categories can be supported in Xero at any given time.

Uptick uses the same terminology for Tracking Categories as Xero. These can bet set against Products and Cost Centres and will appear as a drop-down list to select from the Tracking category field.

Syncing Manually

You can initiate a full sync of Billing Cards/Suppliers by going to Control Panel > Accounting and clicking run full sync.

Note: Inactive contacts will only sync overnight

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