1. Using the side navigation bar, click Tasks.

  2. From the Tasks page, click on Geo-allocator.

  3. Use the filters on the right to tailor your allocation and nominate Tasks with appropriate Service Groups for each technician.

  4. All Service Groups are selected by default. Delete Service Groups from the filter that are not applicable to the technician you are allocating Tasks to by clicking the cross next to the blue Service Group.

Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 11.03.16 PM.png
  1. You can create a polygon on the map which covers the geographic area of Tasks that you wish for a specific Technician to be allocated to.

  2. Select the polygon tool


    on the top right of the map, create the polygon by clicking once on the map and finalise the selection by double clicking.

  3. Move the points on the polygon to change the area you have selected, to delete, use the rubbish bin on the top right of the map.

  4. All Tasks selected within the polygon will appear on the right side under ‘Select Tasks from Map’.

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