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Much of the Uptick functionality is building centric, therefore valid addresses are crucial to the workflow. Uptick uses Google Maps to validate address.

There are several benefits to validated addresses:

  • It prevents double entry of sites where the address provided by the customer is slightly different, e.g. "10 Studley Street" vs "8-12 Studley Street"

Having all properties with valid addresses provides the following benefits:

  • It means you won't have to fill in contractor maintenance statements / signoffs from auditing customers

  • It will allow you to automatically load up asset lists and ESM registers for buildings already using bSecure.

  • Subcontracted jobs can share asset and rectification information.


Entering a valid address during property creation

When creating a new property, start typing in the Validated Address field and possible matches will be shortlisted in a drop-down list. Selecting the address will complete the address and enter the same address in the Display Address field.


Validating addresses on already existing properties

From the Properties Dashboard

For existing properties that do not have a valid address:

  1. Click Properties > Properties need geocoding (x)

  2. Click Geocode.

  3. Enter the address details and click Update address.

From a Property

  1. From the Location section, click Update



  2. Enter the address details and click Update address

In both cases, the pop-up window displayed will look like the animation below:

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