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How do I reset the password for my staff and on-site techs?
How do I reset the password for my staff and on-site techs?
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In this article, we explain how to change your users password or send them an email to reset their password.

  1. In the navigation bar, click People → Users. This will show the full list of users who access your server.

  2. On the right hand column - select ‘View’ next to the user’s account you wish to reset.

  3. The next page will offer a grey ‘Change Password’ button - Select this to set the new password.

  4. You will then be asked to put in a password and confirm that password. Note - it would be advisable to reset it to a generic password and then let the user login and update it.

  5. The user can login with the generic password then click on their initials in the top right corner → ‘Change password’ button.


How to change your password in the app once it has been reset to a generic password:


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