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Note: When previewing reports intended for landscape orientation, the preview may not appear as intended. Landscape / Portrait modes are "print styles" - meaning that they are only applied once the document/report has been printed (the term printed also refers to when the PDF is published). When the report is being previewed, it hasn't been printed as it hasn't yet applied the orientation settings. It is recommended that you always print out a test report on any new document changes prior to sending out to customers to confirm that the document will be published as intended.

  1. On the side navigation bar, click Customer Data > Reports to access the Reports Dashboard.

    • To see a preview of the report, click View to the right of a certain report

    • If you click View Details when in the preview you will be redirected to the report card (as seen below). The report card gives you access to more details around the service provided at a particular property.

Here you can delete a report, generate a report in PDF, or edit any further details of the report.

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