How can I split a defect quote up into multiple tasks, but still keep it on the same invoice?

  1. Approve the quote, then click create task. Select the line items you'd like grouped together on a task, then repeat as many times as necessary until you have all the items from the quote covered in one of the tasks you've created.

  2. Create a task from the quote without selecting the checkbox against any line items. This will be the parent task.
    Note: Make sure on the last task creation you select "Create task and mark Quote actioned" to close the quote.

  3. Join the original quote child tasks that have been split up, to the parent task. More on child/parent tasks if you need it here, which describes how to do this in bulk.
    This will allow you to invoice for those line items (once performed) on the child tasks, via the parent task, in 1 invoice as shown in the gif below.


Note: This solution will not allow you to create a rectification report which lists all the items from all the seperate tasks.

If you were wanting to send a report, we've included a work around below.

The reports to be created on each individual child task, and the "Merge Report PDF's" button on the client could be selected. Then, when dispatching from the parent task, the invoice can be sent in full, along with the reports which will merge once dispatched (pending this checkbox is ticked).


Watch the video below for the full tutorial

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