Uptick has the capability to have another logo come up on your report templates, meaning you can have your clients branding on your report for them. You can have the footers, headers, logo or even wording different for the particular client you choose.

Here's the process:

  1. The company who's server needs the white label fills out a template change request. For example, Tickfire wants to have a white labelled report so they can provide formatted reports to Crossfire. Tickfire needs to contact Uptick. Crossfire is not able to make changes on another companies Uptick.

  2. Requesting customer to include the following in the request through our website:

    • The attachment of the logo/file to use.

    • A description of where the changes are to occur. Examples of scenarios below:

      • Logo to replace our logo on all reports for Crossfire.

      • Entire header to be replaced by attached header (in this case ensure attachment).

      • Footer to include attachment.

      • Wording on header to change to ... for Crossfire.

    • A manually marked up document/report of how these changes should look once implemented.

    • A link to the clients URL in your system. (important so we get the correct client). If it is for a client group, just link us to that group and let us know it is a client group.


Uptick does not facilitate the process between the clients involved and only provides the service of logo placement on the report.

Only the customer requesting the changes to their server will have the labelling customisations applied. They will also be the entity invoiced for the changes.

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