How to sync your suppliers with your accounting partner
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Syncing your suppliers allows you to keep your supplier details up to date with your accounting partner and simplifies the handling of purchase orders. Here's how to link a supplier with your accounting (the main steps are the same whether you are updating or creating a supplier - in this example we'll be updating an existing supplier).

  1. Click People > Suppliers, then click to View a supplier not currently linked (no partner UID)

  2. Click on Update to update supplier details

  3. Make sure all your supplier details are correct. It's extremely important that there at is least a name and contact email, or purchase orders won't be received successfully. This information cannot be changed in Uptick once you link the supplier and will need to be changed in your accounting partner.

  4. Under the Accounting Integration section, select the organisation set up with your accounting partner from the drop-down menu then click Save Supplier.

  5. Once you've saved there will be a new section under the supplier details labelled according to your accounting partner, in this case Xero Integration. Click Create New, and Uptick will link up with the accounting partner. The section then updates, showing you the synced details and the partner UID.

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