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Setting up routines for partial servicing (20 percent detector or red/green/blue testing)
Setting up routines for partial servicing (20 percent detector or red/green/blue testing)
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By default routines are set up so that all assets applicable to a routine will be listed in a task. If your process requires that only a portion of the assets are to be serviced, with the rest being done at a different time, this guide will explain how to set up your routines for partial servicing. These steps can apply to setting up 20 percent detector testing and red/green/blue testing as well.


Tagging assets

First, you will need to assign tags to the assets on a property. The appropriate routine options will not be available to set up partial servicing without this step. If you don't have the appropriate tags set up yet and need to know how, check out our Everything about Tags article.

In this example we'll have 2 tags set up so that 50% of the assets will be in the first year, and the other 50% serviced the following year. Make sure the tags make it easy to communicate what their purpose is (in this guide we'll use 2 tags that were previously created - Year 1 and Year 2).

Note: Make sure you have the right levels for the right setup - i.e for yearly 20 percent detector testing, they'll need to be 5 years apart.

  1. Click into a property, then click Assets, then tick all the assets you want to assign specific tags to, then click Edit (x) Assets

  2. Select the appropriate tags from the Add Tags field, then click Apply Changes


  3. Repeat the step for all the assets that will have tags applied to them

Setting up Routines for partial servicing

In order to perform the next steps you need to make sure that:

  • You have the appropriate tags set up and have assigned tags to the assets on a property

  • The tags are appropriately named so you know which routine schedule to place them on

  • The routine you'll be using has the right service level options available so you can space out your partial service timings as required

In this scenario we want to set up a routine service where we want 50% of the hose reels serviced this year, and another routine to service the other 50% the following year. To set this up we will apply the same routine to the property twice with each routine only applicable to the appropriately tagged assets. As the gap is 1 year, both routines will have 2-yearly levels with the start dates being 1 year apart.

  1. In the property click Routines > Manage Routine Services


  2. Click Add Routine, select the routine and tick the service levels that apply (Annual in this case)

  3. Click Show advanced options

  4. Fill out the fields and set the Annual Date and Start Date for the routine

  5. Click Add Routines at the bottom to save

  6. Repeat the steps again from step 2 onwards, accounting for the gap in start dates

  7. You're now ready to configure those routines to only apply to assets with the appropriate tag. On the right-hand side of the routine click Actions > Edit

  8. The field labelled 'Apply only to assets tagged with' is a drop-down list where you can select the appropriate tag, then click Save. In this example, one routine will only apply to assets tagged with Year 1, and the other routine will only apply to assets tagged with Year 2. Note, this field will only appear if there are tagged assets on a property - make sure the assets are tagged first.


  9. When you manage your routine services, you can see the routines that are restricted to tags:


When tasks are generated from these routines, the task will only list the assets matching the applicable tag.

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