How do I copy billing contracts across in bulk?
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You can copy across billing contracts in bulk via using our Copy Billing Contracts from Property tool. To use this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the properties page

  2. Select the properties you'd like to apply the new billing contract to. Note: Do not select the original property you are copying the existing billing contract from.

  3. Click Edit Properties

  4. Select Advanced

  5. In the dropdown below Copy Billing Contracts from Property, select the original property which holds the contract you'd like to copy from

  6. Click Apply Changes



  • This only works for properties without billing contracts. You cannot copy to properties with billing contracts already setup, you will receive an error. Any active properties will need to have their billing contracts made inactive before copying the contracts over.

  • Some users like to setup a "template" property which they use as the default template to copy across and as a master for the pricing to live against.

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