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How do I manage subcontracted routines/maintenance?
How do I manage subcontracted routines/maintenance?
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Using subcontractors on your routines couldn't be easier in Uptick.

Adding a subcontractor to the routine

  1. Go to the Routine tab of a property

  2. When managing routines, you have the choice of selecting the subcontractor who will be completing this work when adding a new routine or editing an existing one. You can also choose a subcontractor this when editing a particular service level, for if you only subcontract for Annuals on that routine, for example.

  3. Click Save


What will happen now?

  • When generating the tasks, the subcontracted tasks will generate as normal. They will generate into their own task per property, per service group, with just the subcontracted routines and levels on that task.

  • The subcontractor will receive an email with the Task and details, which is configurable via the relevant email template, contractor_assigned_task_email.

  • The subcontractor can then accept the work and schedule in an expected attendance date via the contractors module and finish off the work via that process highlighted in that article.

How do I cancel these routines being subcontracted out?

Simply remove the subcontractor from the routine, and click save.

You also may want to remove them from any outstanding tasks via removing the contractor if it needs to be cancelled immediately.

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