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Uploading an signature image file to a user
Uploading an signature image file to a user
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If technicians are having trouble setting up their signature through the app and there is an existing image file of their signature, we can help upload it to your server by submitting the required information.


In order to process a request to have a signature image uploaded against a certain user, you'll need to submit the following:

  • The base64 file code of the signature image file (you can convert your file into this using online websites if required)

  • A link to the user you'd like it stored against

We can then upload that code into the users preferences for you in the backend, which will populate on reports as normal moving forward!

Note: We do support SVG, but not on email templates, so base64 is preferred. However, if you're just wanting your signatures to come up on reports, you can use this!

Please note: there may be a cost associated with this configuring this for you if it is not included in your Onboarding Setup Fee. If you do not want to use this process, please refer to how to setup your signature in the app via the user account preferences.

How to get a base64 file code of your signature

To get the code, visit a site that can generate a base64 hex code from the image file. You can use the search term "image to base64" to find relevant results. Follow the prompts from the site to upload the image of the signature and generate the base64 code, then copy the code.

How to find the user link

  1. Navigate to People > Users > View the user that needs the signature uploaded

  2. Copy the web address

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