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How do I use the filters in Uptick and why would I use them?
How do I use the filters in Uptick and why would I use them?
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Uptick has filtering tools featured at the top section of many pages. They allow you to find exactly the kind of information you're looking for and you can even set very specific filtering arrangements as favourites, which makes staying on top of information (such as seeing all performed tasks for a given period) quick and easy.

The structure of the searching and filtering tools includes the following:

Search bar

Simply type your keywords in and any results featuring the keyword will update as you type.

Add filter menu

Select from a list of available filters, there are many different filters you can choose from, and you can use combinations of multiple filters which helps finding the right info as precise as possible.

Favourites button

This button lets you select from a list of previously saved searching and filtering configurations, and also allows you to save your current configuration. Favourites can be added as quick access tiles on the main dashboard.

Logic switches:

Status (Is/Is not)

Active (Yes/No)

The filters that you choose have logic switches to help you narrow down information (i.e Status: Is not Complete will list all tasks except for those with a Complete status)

Created Before/After

Due Before/After

Completed Before/After

These filters have the following logic options:

  • Fixed date, where you pick a specific date using the date picker

  • Relative to now, where you can choose from the beginning of the day, week, month or year

Value selector/date picker

This is the field next to the logic switch of the filter. In most cases, it will be a drop-down menu of options you can select or a date picker, depending on the type of filter it is. You can still type values in most of these fields to help you narrow down your selections.

Filter removal toggle

The minus symbol on the right hand side of the filter. Click on this to remove the filter if it's not required or it isn't helping you find the results you're looking for.

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