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December 2018 - Uptick Field Release “Pyeongchang” Supplemental (minor) Update
December 2018 - Uptick Field Release “Pyeongchang” Supplemental (minor) Update
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The December release aims to implement a number of “under the hood” improvements as well as fixing small bugs.


  • Remark Verification has been added allowing field users to mark a remark as verified. This will act as a 'checklist' for users when sifting through many remarks that are still unresolved.

  • Estimated duration is now shown in the Task details page.

  • Users can set their signature via the About page. This is useful for companies that use their technician's signature on reports. Technicians only need to set their signature up once.


Remark Verification

Field users now have the ability to verify a remark and can easily do so by tapping on the green dot icon on the remark row and clicking 'Verify'.


A blue tick and a verification date is shown on a remark if it has been verified within the last two days, otherwise the tick turns grey. You can also see the verification date when you open a remark, but it is not editable here.

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