May 2020 - Website Release
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Release Date: 21th May

Featured Improvements

  • Subcontractors using the contractor portal to complete I&T work can now create new assets, removing the need for them to contact your office for missing equipment

  • Most favourites can now be added to your Dashboard to allow greater visibility of your work.

Changes and Improvements

  • The task status that used to be called Inspected, has been renamed to Performed due to better suiting all types of work from all types of customers. All areas which still say Inspected will slowly be updated.

  • Two new task statuses have been built, both of which relate to subcontracted task flow. When a contractor rejects a task, the task will be put into a Rejected status instead of Pending External. When a contractor performs a task (for contractors that use the 'Tech View' only), the task will be put into a ContractorReview status. Tasks completed by a contractor, will still be put into a OfficeReview status. Read the full help article here.

  • New property insights dashboard to help you with COVID-19. Compare your portfolio of properties by Building Class, number of assets per site and per year growth to provide an insight into how diversified your portfolio is, which can help with planning for business risk for downturns, or growth areas. Tools > Insights and Reporting > Property Insights.

  • When cancelling a task, you will now be greeted with a 'why?' prompt which will post that information to the task's timeline. This prompt has also been added when a contractor changes the task into a 'Revisit' status.

  • Service Quote line-item descriptions can now be spaced over multiple lines in order to display information to your clients better - just hold Shift + Enter when in the cell.

  • Cost Centres can now be configured with both expense and invoice account codes. The expense account codes will automatically be applied to your Purchase Orders for added automation. You can now also set separate default Cost Centres for each of your branches.

  • The 'Edit Servicetask' page on the Work tab of a task now uses a table which allows you to edit more servicetasks at a time, group your assets and sort the Result, Technician and Performed columns to help find the assets you're looking for when editing data. This table will slowly be used on other pages so feedback is welcome.


Contractors adding assets

When a contractor logs into their portal and views a task As a Tech, they are now able to add assets and group their assets by service or asset type. Being able to group these assets will help them manage large tasks and improve their workflows.

The ability for a contractor to add assets is hidden behind a permission called 'Can add Assets', so please add this to their permissions if you wish to use this function.

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