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How to dispatch to the client
How to dispatch to the client
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How to use the dispatch function

Did you know Uptick can send out reports, quotes, invoices, dynamic forms and even task documents at the click of one button, to all the correct people? This is called our Dispatch function.

  • From any task page, click "Dispatch to Client".

  • Select the items you'd like to send and click dispatch, as easy as that. Uptick will know if you've specified only certain people to receive quotes or invoices, and split them up for you automatically.

Helpful Tip: The emails and contacts that are sent correspondence via this function are determined by the client, property contacts and billing card. Make sure these are setup correctly to ensure the correct person is getting the correct emails. More on this in the video above.

Why has my dispatch failed?

Failed Dispatches: These can be seen via the dispatch page from the task list. It is important to remember tasks that fail will typically not archive so you should see them lingering on the task list as well, typically in completed status.


If a dispatch fails, it will list why it failed on the screen on the right hand side.

Once you've fixed the originating issue, click 'Retry from start' to refresh the dispatch to start again. If another error comes up, just keep following the logs of why it has failed, fix the problem and click retry from start again.

Happy Dispatching!

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