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This article focuses on the Applicable assets section that appears on some new item forms. It uses the examples of a New Service form and explains the difference between applying Asset Types, Asset Type tags and Asset tags. There is also an explanation of the difference between Assets and Asset Types.


When using the Applicable Assets section on a new form, you can connect all Assets to the new item via the checkbox, or you can make a specific selection of Assets via the options below the checkbox. For these purposes, we will discuss applying Assets to Services

For each of these methods, when Service Contracts are created on a Property from this Service type, it will check the Property-specific Assets to see if they match the Applicable Assets section of each Service. If the Assets match, it uses this information to generate appropriate Tasks.

*Nb: An ‘Asset’ is a physical item that resides in one location on one Property. It has only one variant and a specific servicing schedule. An ‘Asset Type’ is the generic name for an Asset that can have many variants, a service frequency and can be applied to many Properties.

Asset = The specific Fire Extinguisher (2.5) w/ code 12345b that resides at 123 Smith Road, Melb CBD.
Asset Type = General term ‘Fire Extinguisher’ w/ variants (1, 2.5, 5, 10)

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