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How to revert asset label patterns to default in bulk
How to revert asset label patterns to default in bulk
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You may have multiple asset label fields which aren't following the usual pattern, as somebody either uploaded them incorrectly or overrode the field when creating. Not to fear, you can revert them to default in bulk.
​Important note: Be careful of this function if there is information in the label which isn't anywhere else. eg. label pattern - 2.5 kg ABE extinguisher nozzle removed. You would need to ensure this information is stored elsewhere, as when you override it, it will not display anymore. For this example, you would check 2.5 kg ABE is in the Variant of the asset, and Nozzle removed was a remark or note against the asset.

  1. Customer Data sidebar > Assets

  2. Filter the list down for those you'd like to see. You may filter by:

    • Property

    • Asset type

    • Key words

  3. Select all those you'd like to change

  4. Edit X amount of Assets

  5. Revert to default

  6. Apply changes

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