Article OverviewThis article focuses on how to navigate to a Property and view the various details contained within the ‘Property’ tab.

  1. In the side navigation bar, click Customer Data → Properties. This will show the full list of properties and some search functions.

  2. Type in the search bar the name or address of a Property.

  3. Click the Property name you wish to view.

  4. After clicking the Property name, the Property’s page will be displayed. This page displays everything you need to know about the Property

  5. To view the access details scroll down to the page until you see the section titled “Access”; the access details outline the schedule (availability of access), procedure (process for entry), door codes and additional notes.

  6. Just below the Access section are the Client details; which includes information about property contacts and contact details.

  7. On the top right of the Property page is the Property Timeline. Click the ‘Add Note’ button to display a text box that you can use to add a comment to the Property Timeline
    e.g. The property has a new manager, need to contact the building owner to update details.

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