Client Approval Process
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When your Defect/Service Quote is sent via email, your client will receive a link where it can be approved or declined.

  1. The Client receives your email with a link to the Defect Quote.

  2. When the link is clicked, the Defect Quote will be displayed for the client to review. From this page there are buttons for approving/rejecting the quote and downloading a copy.

  3. To approve the quote, the client clicks Approve this quote, fills out their details and then clicks Approve Quote.


Attach reference documentation (Service Quotes only)

When the client clicks Approve this quote there will be an additional field to upload reference documentation (PDF only) either by dragging the document in the indicated area or click select files to browse your device and select the file to attach.
​Only 1 document can be attached per authorisation.


That reference documentation can accessed by clicking the Documents button when viewing the quote.



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