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Working with Body Corporate and Owner Corporations managers (OCMs)
Working with Body Corporate and Owner Corporations managers (OCMs)
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When working with Body Corporate or Owners Corporations managers (OCMs), often they will require that the invoices are generated "care of" the manager.

This may be a business requirement as technically the debt is held by the Body Corporate, not the company that manages the Body Corporate.

To deal with this, you will want to create Billing Cards for each property managed by your body corporate clients. See creating billing cards for steps on creating a billing card for each property.

There are some extra steps when dealing with OCMs and Xero:

  • Each Billing Card links back to a Xero Contact in your Xero account. To ensure you can effectively manage your accounts receivable, you will want to create a Xero Contact Group for each OCM, and add each OC to that group. For more information see Xero's manual on the subject.

  • When running aged receivable reports, you will want to group by the Contact Group.

  • To show the site address in addition to the client information on your invoices, you can start with our invoice template (attached).

Running aged receivable reports with OCM customers.

Rather than using the standard Xero aged receivables report, you'll want to use their newer report format.

1. Select New reports from the menu.

2. Select Aged Receivables Summary (or Detailed if you need invoice level information)

3. Click Report Settings then select for the Group by option select Contact Group.

You'll end up with a report that looks like this:

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