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Allow the creation of an internal wiki style knowledge base.

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You can access your internal knowledge base by going to Tools > Knowledge Base

Some common uses of this knowledge base are listed below, including After Hours Call out Procedures, car breakdown procedure, car servicing procedure, custom SLA's, Fire Standards, Internal processes and links.


Create a new section (Note)

Knowledge base entries are grouped into Notes, where each note can have a written content and a folder structure to keep documents and upload associated files on each note. These can be shared across the whole business so technicians on the road can access these via the app as well as web users.

  1. Go to Tools > Knowledge Base > Create Note

  2. Add a Name and provide any written guidelines in the Content section, which supports Markdown styling.

  3. Click Save



Each note has an Attachments section where files can be uploaded. You can upload files individually or create a folder structure to organise your files and documents for each note. Learn more about uploading files and managing folders here.

Including Links

Did you know you can include links in your knowledge base content?
Just use the following and substitute your URL in to the below:

<a href="URL "> URL </a>



<link href="URL ">
โ€‹<link href="">

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