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Task Status Guide - what do they all mean?
Task Status Guide - what do they all mean?
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This article explains what each of the task status's mean in the world of Uptick. This guide outlines the some of the statuses that are present by default for most customers, though it is possible to have custom statuses for your business.


The most common statuses and their colour coding are as follows:


A range of statuses will fall under the following stages which you can see when you view a task and click on the status to change it.

NOTE: These statuses are based on default setup and depending on your configuration during onboarding, may not match the statuses and colour schemes that are configured on your server.

READY STAGE - For tasks that are ready to be scheduled or begin work.


Tasks that are ready to be scheduled, either with an allocated appointment time or simply to be assigned to field staff with no allocated time. Tasks are automatically set to the ready status upon generation.


Tasks are booked in with an allocated appointment time or have been assigned to the appropriate field staff with no allocated time.

IN PROGRESS STAGE - Where someone is actively working on the job.


Used in the event that the technician could not complete works and needs to return to the site at a later date.


Set the status from the app to indicate field staff are on site and the required work on this task has begun.


This status is for putting a task back to the field staff for them to review. They might need to clarify something or upload a photo that was missed etc. Outstanding requirements can be communicated to the technician by leaving a note in the timeline.

ON HOLD STAGE - For any job that cannot be worked on currently.


Tasks that are not ready for whatever reason.


When you are waiting to hear back from someone external to the company. In the case of:

  • Field staff: This could be when a logbook is not on-site and you are awaiting the building manager to return it next week so you can review.

  • Office: This could be when you are awaiting a subcontractor to get back to you.

Both of these cases should be communicated and regularly updated on the timeline.


Will automatically be set to this status if you are subcontracting out this task and the assigned contractor rejects the job.

PERFORMED STAGE- For any job where all field work has been completed. (Use this and not the COMPLETE status when finishing a task in the app)

Set by the field staff once they've fully performed the task, all relevant information has been entered and the report is finalised. Field staff may have already raised a quote and created the report depending on your company's processes.

Do not use the COMPLETE status to indicate that all field work has been performed as that status will be set automatically when the dispatching of invoices, quotes and reports has taken place.


Task has been fully performed by field staff, but the office needs to review this task for whatever reason. This may be to raise a quote or further processing is required.

If this task is subcontracted out, this status will automatically change to this when a contractor has marked the task as complete from their end.

This status will automatically set if you raise a task purely for billing from the billing contracts list.

COMPLETE STAGE- The final status of a task for when both the field and the office components have been completed (invoiced and quoted)


All required work from both field and office has been completed as well as any required invoices, defect quotes and reports have been dispatched to the client.

Once you've initiated a dispatch to the client, the task will automatically be put into a completed status and task will be archived.

CANCELLED - For tasks that are cancelled


For tasks that have been raised in error or any other reasons requiring the cancellation of the task.

Frequently Asked Questions (click to expand)

Can I customise or create new Task Statuses?

At present it is not supported to customise or/and create Task Status list. However, for any queries related customising Task Status list, please reach out to Support team who will be able to assist you with your query.

Are there more Task Statuses that come with the Default server setup?

Yes! There are two more statuses that come with your default server setup:

  • Rejected - For tasks that have been rejected by your client for any particular reason and that need to be reviewed.

  • Contractor review - For tasks that are subcontracted and they're in review with the Contractor.

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