Importing your products and having it line up with your sell price is a 2 stage process.

  1. Import your products and their cost price with the Products template

  2. Import the sell price with the Prices template

If you need help understanding how to import data in general, you can read our articles on importing data here.

Stage 1 - Import products

Go to Tools > Data Importer and then download the Product template. Use this template for importing your product data (this template only allows you to add the cost price of your products, not the sell price - this will be done in the next stage)


Stage 2 - Import prices

Go to Tools > Data Importer and then download the Prices template. Add your pricing tier, product name and sell price here.


Important Tips

  • If the prices are for the default price tier or existing tiers you need to follow the steps for updating data

  • If the prices are for tiers that have not been created yet, then you need to follow the steps for importing new data

  • As sell price is set against the product name, please make sure that your products don't have any duplicate names as you will get an error and not be able to update your sell prices.

  • Price tier is a required field and is case sensitive, so make sure the price tiers are entered exactly as displayed in Uptick.

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