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Defect quoting status guide
Defect quoting status guide
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Having trouble making sense of the status of your defect quotes? This handy reference will help you out. Refer to the table below for an explanation of each status, what causes a status change and how they can be changed manually.



When the defect quote is in this status you can add line items, use the Quote builder and merge from other quotes.


Once the status has been changed to Finalised, changes can no longer be made to the quote. Clicking on the status and selecting Revert to draft sets the status of the quote to Draft again, allowing you to make changes. This status usually indicates it was manually placed in Finalised status, as the Finalise and submit option would immediately put the quote into Submitted status.


This indicates that the quote as been submitted to the client. There are a couple of ways to put the quote into Submitted status:

  • Selecting Finalise and submit (sends email)

  • Selecting Finalise, click on the Finalised status and selecting either:

    • Submit (sends email)

    • Mark as manually submitted


This status indicates a quote has been approved by either:

  • The client clicking Approve this quote on the approval link

  • Clicking on the Submitted status of the quote and selecting Mark approved


The Actioned status indicates that the quote has been acted on. The quote can be changed to this status by:

  • Clicking Create Task (and mark quote as actioned) when creating a task from the quote

  • Clicking on the Approved status and selecting Mark actioned (without creating task)

Once a quote has be actioned, the status cannot be reverted and can only be Voided.


You can put the quote into this status by clicking on the status while in Draft or Finalised, then selecting Delete. Deleted quotes will be marked as such and will not display on the defect quotes page by default, but they can still be viewed and will still be included in the task process history


To void a quote, click on the status while the quote is in one of the following statuses:

  • Submitted

  • Approved

  • Actioned

Voiding the quote is similar to deleting in terms of searching and visibility.


The quote will automatically have the status changed to Declined if the client rejects the quote via the approval link. If the notification of the declined quote is received outside of Uptick, the status can be changed manually but clicking on the status while it's Submitted, then clicking Mark declined.

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