Emergency and exit lighting reporting, fire door reporting, smoke alarm reporting, sometimes you just want one or two asset types to be segregated onto their own fancy PDF report. But how can you do that? Simple!

Our Report Types, which are configured in the Control Panel have the ability to be filtered by asset type.

  1. Head to the Control Panel

  2. Select Report Types

  3. Create report type

  4. Fill in the form, name the report, select the template (eg. Service Report) from the dropdown etc.

  5. Link your report to suggested routines (if applicable). For example, a lighting only report might be linked to a lighting routine.

  6. Jump down to Applicable Assets and use the filters to make the report only show what is highlighted. You can use the following to filter this:

    1. Asset types

    2. Asset tags

    3. Asset type tag

  7. Select "All Contractors" checkbox

  8. Click save

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