April 2020 - Website Release
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Release Date: 16th April

Featured Improvements

  • Uptick Purchase Orders now integrate with Xero, so that you can manage everything from one place and avoid double entry.

  • We've increased flexibility around Service Quote creation: you can now create a Service Quote for a new Client that isn't related to the Quote's Property. You will not be able to fill out the programme maintenance table if you use this function, only the product's table.

Changes and Improvements

  • Website release notes are now shown on your Dashboard. These are very important for your business's efficiency and growth, so please read them each month!

  • You now have the option to update Defect Quotes when changing a Client on a Property.

  • As promised, Uptick's old navigation has been removed. Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback!

  • Customers can now upload a Workorder or Purchaseorder document when approving a Quote! Just simply start typing in the Authorisation Reference and it will pop up.

  • Service Quotes now have a new 'Terms and Conditions' field for improved customisation per Quote. There is also a new field for and 'Primary contact name' when creating a new client. Chat to support to get those fields added to your template.

  • Account Codes no longer show on Defect Quotes -- they serve no purpose here.

  • Client Intelligence page has had a face lift. Contact support if you have any questions.

  • Tickets sent to our Support team can still be created from our system using the top, right profile drop down. Alternately, you can just send a query to [email protected]

  • Additional columns and filters:

    • Task List

      • Inspected Date added to CSV

      • Property Certification Date as a filter

    • Client List

      • Automatic quoting reminders bulk edit

      • Automatic quoting reminders filter

      • Billing To and CC field added to CSV

    • Keys List

      • Key name can be sorted

    • Defect Quoting List

      • Expiry date bulk edit

    • Appointment List

      • Task Category filter

    • Accreditations List

      • Technician is active filter

    • Users List

      • License type bulk edit

    • Purchase Order List

      • Invoice number and invoice date bulk edit

    • Routines List (only for customers on Routines, not Service Contracts)

      • Estimated Duration as a column and added to CSV download (bulk edit soon to come!!)

    • Billing Contracts List (only for customers on Routines, not Service Contracts)

      • Notes added to CSV download

You may have noticed that we cleaned up the template & pdf experience behind the scenes over the past two weeks. Previews now load faster, and present more consistently with the actual generated PDF. Many small layout quirks have been tidied up

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