Difference between base date and install date

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Want to know which dates affect programme maintenance requirements? Confused about the difference between a base date and an install date?  This article will explain the difference between the two.



Base date Used to calculate the lifecycle of the asset, is referenced for non-contracted asset servicing and is what Uptick uses to calculate programme maintenance requirements.
Install date An informational date that has no effect on programme maintenance or any other parts of Uptick.

Why are install dates and base dates different?

The base date is commonly the date of manufacture which means it will not necessarily be the same date as when the asset was installed on the premises. 


If you installed an extinguisher in 2016, but it was manufactured in 2014, the install date is 2016 whereas 2014 will be the base date that will indicate when it will need to be replaced (i.e. 2019 for 5 yearly Major Service)

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